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Claim anime series, characters, and more!
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Welcome to anime_pwnage,
an anime claiming community. But not just anime--
manga and video games, too! You can claim a general series,
a character, a character trait, a pairing, an item, a place, a song, a quote, an episode, a scene, a story arc, or a group of characters (ex. Sohma family from Furuba, men of Bleach, Yugi's group of friends, etc.)! You can also claim crossover pairings: a non-existant relationship between two people of completely different fandoms! XD
So join, and let's start claiming!
1. Each person may only claim up to 5 things when they first join/claim something. Mods will be able to claim 6 things at first. Why? Because we're special. 8D After 30 days, you'll be able to claim 3 new things, and so on! ^^

2. No flaming. If something you wanted has already been claimed, get over it. Don't get mad at the person or throw a fit. Doing so will result in you being banned from the comm. and your claims up for grab.

3. In order to keep your claims, you must stay a member of the comm. Likewise, in order to claim something, you must be a member.

4. For claiming scenes: Try not to make the scene you want to claim too long. If your claim is super-long, you might as well claim the episdoe/movie itself! Also, if you claim a certain scene, people can still claim a smaller part of that scene. They can also claim a longer part of the scene. One last thing regarding scenes: If someone has claimed a movie/episode, you can still claim scenes from it.

5. For claiming groups: If you claim a group of people, the individual people in that group are still claimable. People can also claim groups with your people in them, or your group in them (ex. you claim the males of FMA, someone claims the whole cast of FMA). Also, even if someone claims a series, you WILL be able to claim the entire cast of that series.

I think that's it. ^^ Any questions? Contact the mods: Magi- koyuki_hime; Amanda- friendships
Magi- Creator and main moderator. Contact her for any questions/help/etc.
Amanda- Mod. [Amanda, you add stuff here XDD]
None yet.

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